More bargain b-stock ukuleles for sale!

Good news for anyone looking for a new ukulele at a bargain price – more discounted b-stock Noah ukuleles available below, ranging from Soprano size up to Baritone. All the ukuleles below still come with the usual 12 month warranty but generally have minor aesthetic issues. It’s a great chance to get a new, handmade, […]

Happy New Year from Noah Ukuleles!

I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported Noah Ukuleles throughout the past year. It was another busy year attending festivals up and down the country, with GNUF, Winchester Ukulele Festival and The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain among others.  2017 also saw a new instrument added to the […]

An update from Noah Ukuleles HQ!

5 festivals down, 1 to go! It’s been another busy summer attending Ukulele festivals up and down the land. As always it’s been a great experience exhibiting at the different festivals – this year, I’ve been to GNUF, The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, The Winchester Ukulele Festival, Sussex Ukulele Festival and Uke East. A […]

A Noah Guitalele on its travels!

It’s been a very busy summer and my trusty Noah Guitalele and me have definitely clocked up a lot of miles! As well as attending a lot of Ukulele festivals up and down the country, I’ve also managed to squeeze in a number of camping trips and my Guitalele has been a regular fixture on […]

Buying a Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukuleles Of the three most common sized ukuleles, the tenor is the largest with a typical scale length of 17 inches (43cm). While traditionally, many players have favoured the smaller concert and soprano sizes, nowadays we are seeing more and more people opt for the larger tenor ukulele. Tenors tend to have a warmer, […]