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Where can I see reviews of Noah Ukuleles?

Got a Ukulele!

There are a lot of different reviews of Noah Ukuleles available to read / watch online but the obvious place to start has to be Barry Maz’s excellent website Got a Ukulele. It’s a fantastic online resource for all things ukulele but is probably best known for both its comprehensive worldwide ukulele festival calendar and Barry’s in-depth instrument reviews. A number of Noah Ukuleles have been reviewed on Got a Ukulele over the past few years and I’m sure there will be more to come in the future. Here’s what been featured so far:

Noah Mahogany Soprano

Noah Mahogany Concert

Noah Monkeypod Tenor

Noah Campanella (Super Concert)

Noah Guitalele

Other review sources

There are lots of other reviews of Noah Ukuleles which can be easily found online. There’s an interesting thread on Ukulele Underground complete with recordings of a Noah Monkeypod Soprano alongside more expensive ukuleles, such as a Kamaka. The customer noted that the Noah holds its own with all of the other expensive instruments. High praise indeed! Click here to read more.

Noah Ukuleles endorsee, Matt Hicks, has also recorded a number of videos using different ukulele from the Noah range. One of my favourites that he’s done is the comparison video where he does an excellent job of showing and describing the differences between the different solid woods which are used on Noah instruments – the Monkeypod Series, the Mahogany Series and the Rosewood / Spruce Series. You can watch that here.

Another great way of finding out what uke players think of Noah instruments is the review page on the website shop. It’s always great to read what customers think about my ukes and the most recent review of a Noah Rosewood / Spruce Electro Tenor was particularly glowing 🙂 Since introducing the review section on the website, there have been 57 reviews submitted in total. Of these, three of the reviews received 4 out of 5 and the remaining fifty-four reviews all awarded 5 out of 5!


Facebook and other Social Media

The Noah Ukuleles Facebook page is regularly updated and is also a good source for finding out what uke players think of Noah instruments. Here’s a really lovely comment which was added this weekend.

There was also a lovely review of a Noah Monkeypod Electro Concert shared online this weekend by George Bartle, of Opera-lele fame! George’s review can be read in full on the Facebook page ‘I’ve Got a Ukulele‘ which is another great resource for reading owner reviews of all different kinds of ukes.

Main image taken from George Bartle’s post on ‘I’ve Got a Ukulele’ Facebook page.



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