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Get a Christmas bargain with reduced price b-stock from Noah Ukuleles!

In the run up to Christmas, I’m going to be posting some reduced b-stock ukuleles for sale. All of these ukuleles will still come with the usual 12 month warranty but generally have minor aesthetic issues. It’s a great chance to get a handmade, all-solid wood ukulele at a reduced price.

First up is this beautiful all-solid wood Rosewood Spruce Soprano in a gloss finish. Due to restrictions placed on Rosewood in 2017 (which have now been lifted), it is becoming less common to see Indian Rosewood used on ukuleles so this is an opportunity to get quite a rare instrument at a discounted price.  This has a lovely bright sound but as you can see from the picture, there is a finish issue with the logo on the headstock. The price including soft padded case and delivery is £150.

Next is this lovely all-solid wood Electro Monkeypod Soprano in a gloss finish. It has a stunning figured grain on both the front and the back and a lovely rich tone, but has a prominent stain in the wood below the soundhole (see picture). This ukulele has a Fishman Sonitone preamp and sounds great both acoustically and electrically. The price including soft padded case and delivery is £160.

This is a really nice all solid wood Mahogany Concert in a satin finish. It’s got really good projection and responds well to both finger-picking and strumming. It has two very small dings (pictured below) – one on the underside and the other on the reverse. They have both been checked over carefully and stabilised as necessary. They are very minor and as such are difficult to show in a photo. Price for this including soft padded case and delivery is £160.

Following that, I have a Noah Monkeypod Tenor in a satin finish. This also has a very striking grain pattern both on the front and reverse. It has a really warm, mellow tone, but has a minor finish issue just above the bridge (see picture). Price including soft padded case and delivery is £170.

The next one is the Noah Electro Mahogany Tenor in a satin finish. It has a cutaway which is great for giving easier access to the higher frets, and also comes fitted with a Fishman Sonitone preamp. There is a fairly significant mark in the wood, resulting from a repair carried out in the workshop. Fortunately, this mark is located on the underside so it is not noticeable when being played. Normally retailing at £279, the price including soft padded case and delivery is £189. NOW SOLD

If you are interested in any of these ukes, then please email matt@noahukuleles.com or you can contact me by phone on 07850 224 968. And stay tuned for more bargain ukes in the upcoming weeks!

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