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News from Noah Ukuleles – left-handed ukes, custom orders and Parbulele!

Left-handed ukuleles

I often get enquiries both online and at festivals for left-handed ukuleles and unfortunately, in most cases, I’m not always able to supply what the customer is looking for. The main reason for this is that all Noah Ukuleles are made by hand in a very small workshop and as a result we only make a small number of instruments each year which all tend to be right-handed. However, I have some good news for all the lefties out there! I currently have a small number of left-handed instruments in stock, including a very nice Electro Tenor in Monkeypod and a Concert ukulele in Rosewood (extremely rare nowadays!) and Spruce. If you are interested, please email me for further details – matt@noahukuleles.com

Custom Orders

Is there a specific ukulele that you are looking for which is not available in the Noah range? A long-neck soprano? A ukulele with a wider than average nut perhaps? A 5 string tenor?!! Well, here at Noah Ukuleles, I’m always willing to listen to any specific design requirements and if it’s at all possible we will endeavour to make it for you. Again, if you’re interested in a custom ukulele, please get in touch with me by email – matt@noahukuleles.com

Parbulele Ukulele Festival

I’m very excited to be heading off to Lancashire this weekend for the Parbulele Ukulele Festival. It’ll be the first time I’ve exhibited at this festival, but I’ve heard some great things about it so I’m really looking forward to checking it out. There’s a great line-up of both performing artists and workshops so if you haven’t got your ticket yet, head to their website and get one now! I’ll be having a stall there on Saturday and will have some festival special offers so if you are going, please pop by and say hello 🙂


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