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How do each of the Noah tenors compare?

Which Noah tenor is right for me? 🙂

I currently have three different types of tenors in the standard Noah range – the Monkeypod, the Mahogany and the Indian Rosewood with Spruce top – and a question I’m often asked is how they compare both in terms of playability and tone. Luckily for me, new Noah Ukuleles endorsee Matt Hicks has recorded a very useful video offering his opinion on the differences between them and also playing the same piece on each of them to give a like-for-like comparison on tone and projection. Here’s a quick summary of his thoughts on each:

Noah Monkeypod tenor  RRP £219.99

“This is an unassuming, stunner. I could see this as a real gig work horse. Exceptional note by note performance and a go-between from the tone of the spruce and the vibrancy of the Mahogany.

Noah Mahogany Tenor  RRP £219.99

” The Mahogany is an absolute monster! Very loud but a great tone too. It’s probably the irresponsible, fast car driving little brother of the three :). It’s incredibly playable.

Noah Rosewood | Spruce Tenor  RRP £229.99

” It’s a simply stunning instrument. It’s just a lovely all-round sounding uke with a great amount of projection and the tone, sustain and feel on it is just wonderful.

Watch the full video comparison below


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