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Noah Ukulele reviews

Calling all owners of a Noah Ukulele!

Whether it’s a soprano, concert, tenor, electro, baritone or guitalele, it would be such a huge help if you could complete the short review form on my website shop or post a comment either on my Facebook page or the I’ve Got a Ukulele Facebook page. Lots of you have done this already and I really can’t thank you enough for doing this – but for anyone who hasn’t yet, it will only take a few minutes so please do if you can 🙂

I’ve also been added to the list of brands on the excellent Ukulele Hunt website, and if anyone can take the time to enter a score and/or a comment for Noah Ukuleles, that would be really appreciated.

Here are some of the recent reviews that have been kindly submitted online, either on my website or on Facebook:






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