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Noah Ukuleles featured on Ukulele Go!

There are a lot of great ukulele websites out there.  Generally speaking, my first port of call for uke-related matters and possibly the best known one is Barry Maz’s excellent Got a Ukulele site. I love Barry’s site – it’s a great resource for ukulele players of all abilities, covering all manner of things from world uke festival listings,  well-informed product reviews (including some of my Noah Ukes!) to insightful blog posts. In fact, today he’s added a very interesting piece on a very commonly debated topic – namely, how the finish on a ukulele can affect the tone. It’s a great read and well worth checking out. 
Another site that I really like is Ukulele Go!  from Dave Ellis. This site has lots of great lessons covering different techniques and playing styles, and also tab for a range of popular songs.  Any fans of The Walking Dead should have a go at learning the theme tune which was tabbed out on here earlier this month. Recently, In addition to that, the site also has a buying guide, listing some of the most common ukulele brands out there and what to expect from them. I was delighted to see that Noah Ukuleles has recently been added to this list and received a really good write-up! You can read what Dave had to say here.

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