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Noah Ukuleles January Sale!

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It’s time to grab yourself a bargain in the Noah Ukuleles January Sale. The ukuleles pictured below are all available at heavily reduced prices. They will all come with the usual 12 month warranty, but generally have minor aesthetic issues. It’s a great chance to get a handmade, all-solid wood ukulele at a bargain price. If you are interested in any of the ukulele below, please contact matt@noahukuleles.com

1. Noah 8 string Baritone (satin finish)

The Noah 8 String Baritone is an extremely rare model in the range and is not yet available to buy on the website shop. The 8 strings work very well in a Baritone scale giving a really full and resonant sound. It has Mahogany back and sides, a Spruce top, a slotted headstock and has a strap button fitted at the base. Its RRP is £359, but is available in the January Sale for £289, inc case and UK delivery.


2. Noah Mahogany Baritone (satin finish) 

This lovely Noah Mahogany Baritone has a very deep and full tone, and responds really well to both finger-picking and strumming. It has a wonderful book-matched top, with maple binding and has an RRP of £269. Available now for £239, inc case and UK delivery.


3. Noah Monkeypod Concert (Satin finish)

This Monkeypod Concert has a really bright tone, and is also very nice to play. For this type of wood, it has an unusually dark, striking grain pattern on both the front and reverse. It has maple binding and, like all Noah instruments, a bone nut and saddle. It’s RRP is £199, but is available now for £169, inc case and UK delivery.


4. Noah Electro Mahogany Tenor with Cutaway (Satin finish)

This is a great, fun instrument to play! The all-solid Mahogany construction gives it a big booming sound, and the fishman sonitone is an excellent pickup for anyone wanting to plug in. It has a really attractive book-matched front and back, and a nicely-applied satin finish. It has a strap button fitted at the base. There is a mark in the wood on the underneath of the bottom side – however, this is only an aesthetic fault and has no impact on the stability of the instruments, and is not visible when playing. It’s RRP is £289, but owing to this mark in the wood, it is available for £229, inc case and UK delivery.


5. Noah Electro Monkeypod Soprano (gloss finish)

This Noah Electro Monkeypod has that classic, snappy tone that you look for in a Soprano ukulele, with clarity across all of the strings. It benefits from a Fishman Sonitone pickup, and has a nicely-applied gloss finish. It’s RRP is £249, however, this has a couple of fairly prominent marks in the wood. They are only aesthetic marks, but due to the position are very noticeable and as such, this ukulele is available for the bargain price of £189, inc case and UK delivery.


6. Noah Mahogany Concert (satin finish)

This Noah Mahogany Concert is a great all-rounder – very pretty curly grain pattern to the Mahogany, and a lovely sound performing well both in terms of tone and projection. It has a strap button fitted at the base. It suffered some very minor damage where the binding meets the top side, but this has been well-repaired and is only a small aesthetic issue. Its RRP is £209, but due to the repair it is available for £169, inc case and UK delivery. NOW SOLD


7. Noah Monkeypod Tenor (satin finish)

The Noah Monkeypod Tenor got a great review by Barry Maz on his Got a Ukulele website, scoring 8.5 out of 10. Since that review was done, we have made further improvements to our ukuleles, including making the top a bit thinner in order to get even greater projection. This particular instrument has a very attractive grain pattern, both on the front and back. It sounds great when strummed, but really comes alive when finger-picked! Its RRP is £219, but it has a slight glue mark around the bridge so is available for the bargain price of £179. This price includes a case and UK delivery.


8. Noah Electro Monkeypod Tenor (satin finish)

This Noah Electro Monkeypod Tenor could be just the instrument for you if you are looking for a ukulele to plug in. It sounds great acoustically, but the Fishman Sonitone gives you that option of plugging in and making some real noise! Another very striking example of Monkeypod wood, though it has a small glue mark just above the bridge. Its RRP is £279, but owing to the glue mark it could be yours for £219, inc case and UK delivery.





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