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Ukulele News!

It’s been a very busy time of late here at Saigon Guitars, and this is especially true where our Noah ukuleles are concerned. The Christmas and early New Year period saw us visit Ukulele groups in Portsmouth, Oxford, Reading, Balham, Southampton and Brighton.
Before Christmas, I also had the pleasure recently of meeting the wonderfully talented musician Tim Morrison and witnessing his virtuoso ukulele playing at close-hand. He’s a big fan of our Noah Ukuleles and you may have seen some of the videos that he’s recorded with a Monkeypod Concert. There will be more to come from Tim so look out for them on our videos page and on Tim’s dailymotion channel!
November also saw the arrival of our first Monkeypod Soprano ukuleles. They are absolutely beautiful and will be a strong rival to our Mahogany Soprano range. They are already available in our main dealers, and also can be ordered direct by contacting matt@saigonguitars.com
As a result of popular demand, we will extending the Noah Ukulele range from 2014 to include electro-ukuleles. Stay tuned for more details though expect to see the first Noahs with pickups to arrive around springtime. We will also be introducing a new Super-Concert model which will have a standard concert-sized boy but with a tenor scale neck. Exciting!
Finally, we were delighted to receive our first reviews from Barry Maz of www.gotaukulele.com fame. Baz is a highly respected and informed judge of all things ukulele so it was great to hear what he had to say. He scored both our Monkeypod Tenor and Mahogany Concert very highly and provided lots of lovely feedback. His conclusion on our Mahogany Concert read “All in all, I think they are a bit of a bargain”. Click here for full reviews.